About Fosterra®:

Foster (to support; to champion)   +  Terra (land; the Earth)  =
Fosterra® : A consulting company dedicated to clean energy worldwide


Ben Foster
Benjamin Foster

Ben Foster, President of Fosterra® LLC, delivers green energy and clean transportation leadership to the commercial, government, education, and utility sectors.  He is a champion for programs that have a positive impact on the environment and create robust outcomes for buyers, investors, and the clean energy market at large.  Mr. Foster has worked on projects in over 300 jurisdictions across the United States and in China at various stages of development from planning through operations.

Previously, Ben was Senior Vice President for Optony Inc., a leading international provider of independent lifecycle management services for commercial and governmental renewable energy projects. As an industry leader, Ben has led over a dozen collaborative efforts to improve best practices and deploy them across the United States and internationally through federally funded projects, industry whitepapers, technical reports, best practice guides, and market-oriented training.

Ben has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting from the University of Colorado, Boulder and an MBA in International Business from Old Dominion University.  He also earned the designation of Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Certified Financial Manager (CFM).

Ben is an invited guest speaker at clean technology events and institutions internationally including Denver University, UC Berkeley, San Jose State University, Peking University, the US EPA and Department of Energy on the topics of government energy strategy, solar economics, cleantech innovation, product lifecycle management and global supply chain operations.


He is currently on San Jose Clean Energy Community Advisory Commission and was formerly on the Board of Directors for Joint Venture: Silicon Valley.  He was a founding member of the Task Force on Clean Energy and Bond Finance; served on the California Schools of the Future task force for renewable energy; and was on the elected Board of Directors for the University of Colorado, Boulder Alumni Association.

Fosterra has outstanding partners and on-call resources to serve the needs of our clients in all areas of clean energy strategy, planning and deployment.  These include:

Renewable Energy Associates (REA) specializes in exceptional solar system design, consultation and educational services at the national and international level.

KyotoUSA is a non-profit organization that encourages the cities we live in and the institutions and people who make up our local communities, to take real, substantive action to address the causes of global warming and the climate disruption that it causes.

Colorado Energy Group  (CEG) is a customer-focused strategic energy planning advisor to governments, utilities, homebuilders, developers and energy efficiency and renewable energy providers and suppliers. George Burmeister is the President of CEG with headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, and satellite offices in San Francisco, CA, Dallas, TX and Washington, DC.

Strategic Energy Innovations  (SEI) is a non-profit that develops and delivers solutions customized to help communities accomplish their sustainability goals.  SEI’s creative team of problem solvers encourages communities to adopt clean and efficient energy technologies and practices, while we facilitate valuable training people need to find work in the green economy.

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