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Green Supply Chain Management

Service Overview: Fosterra works closely with senior management, sustainability and supply chain departments to establish realistic but aggressive goals for green energy usage by supply chain partners, then develop metrics and a program tracking process.  We create program materials and implement an outreach plan, including hand-on assistance to suppliers to help them understand and pursue program goals.

Key Client Drivers: Create a significant impact on scope 3 emissions; build stronger relationships with supply chain partners; act as catalyst for change across the supplier network; and, establish a leadership position on green supply chain operations.

Project Example: Fosterra has been working closely with senior leadership in a major consumer foods company based in California to develop and implement a multi-year program to convert its product and service supply chain to cost effective green power. This effort includes providing independent technical expertise using a targeted outreach strategy to accelerate clean energy adoption across more than 50 supply chain facilities by 2020. Within the first three years, as of December 2017, more than 40 facilities had already reached 50% or 100% green power purchasing and this successful model has received multiple awards for green power leadership from the US EPA and other organizations.

Clean Energy Project Management

Service Overview: Fosterra has extensive experience in more than 400 jurisdictions globally to provide detailed scenario modeling for clean energy projects, using market-based insight into economic variables and assumptions.  We then provide end-to-end procurement management services including technical and vendor assessments with outcome-based recommendations.  To ensure the expected benefits are realized, the team can provide construction planning and project commissioning to reduce risks and keep the project on-track for outstanding results.

Key Client Drivers: Learn from the latest market information and trends; utilize realistic scenarios and assumptions; leverage independent assessment to ensure credibility of recommendations; and reduce project risks from planning and procurement to construction and operations.

Project Example:Fosterra was engaged to provide planning, procurement, and project commissioning services for a 2.0MW commercial behind-the-meter solar project.  This effort included leading the procurement of vendors and technical solutions, and supporting the internal project evaluation, budgeting and approval processes. In a challenging market, the team was able to find viable solutions that achieved client goals to reduce costs while demonstrating an innovative green power addition to a new manufacturing plant.  Construction oversight and project commissioning is underway with planned operation in 2019.

Community Choice Energy Program Development and Management

Service Overview: Fosterra provides its experience and insight into the emerging community choice energy market to help local utilities create innovative clean energy deployment programs that are designed for maximum impact within constrained budgets.  The team can then support implementation and management of programs across the community or in targeted sectors.

Key Client Drivers: Create and implement scalable projects that are resource-efficient and deliver meaningful results; engage with stakeholders effectively to get their buy-in and support; and, communicate goals and progress with understandable metrics to enhance trust.

Project Example: The market for Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) is expanding rapidly in California and other states by providing a local, non-profit, and greener alternative to investor owned utilities (IOU).  Fosterra partnered with the Center for Climate Protection and worked closely with the regional stakeholders in four communities statewide including the City of San Jose and three others in the San Joaquin Valley to evaluate and quantify the opportunities to drive local economic benefit by using a coordinated local renewables purchasing plan.  Each analysis and report was tailored to the community’s unique situation and goals to provide a scenario-based assessment of the jobs and economic impact from implementation of the CCA model over a multi-year planning horizon.   This effort and report findings informed local decision-makers with both a set of recommended action steps and the related local benefits from taking those actions to accelerate market adoption.

Electric Vehicle Program Development

Service Overview: Fosterra works closely with senior staff and leadership to develop electric vehicle market trend analysis and forecasting, including charging infrastructure deployment and impact planning. We collaboratively design a program and implementation plan to reach the organization’s goals and establish tracking metrics and an external reporting process.  When internal staff time is constrained, the team is also available for direct engagement and support for large-scale workplace charging deployment efforts.

Key Client Drivers:Understand market drivers and trends; plan for changes in electrical load; develop budget for programs that will support EV drivers; and, capture opportunities for fuel switching through widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

Project Example: Fosterra was engaged by the EPA to evaluate electric vehicle (EV) market trends across the Northern San Francisco Bay region and develop a 5-year forecast for both EV adoption and related charging station infrastructure needs.  This study was developed collaboratively with MCE Clean Energy (a Community Choice Aggregation program) staff and set the foundation for a forward-looking strategy within their service territory. Additional research into national programs and EV-specific electric tariffs was performed and provided in prioritized recommendations for implementation based on MCE goals for optimizing their hourly load while serving their rapidly increasing customer segment that owns electric vehicles.


US-China Energy Collaboration Initiatives

Service Overview: Fosterra provides hands-on support, guidance, training and insight into opportunities between the US and China for clean energy deployment under a cooperative framework for energy and environmental improvement.

Key Client Drivers: Identify key decision-makers and influencers; provide direct and clear assessments and insight; adapt to local business and relationship styles; pursue approaches that have a track record of success.

Project Example: Mr. Foster created the concept and led the team for this innovative approach to clean energy deployment in China and led the effort as principal investigator for the DOE International Program with grant funding from the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy department.  The focus was to create action on-the-ground in selected cities and business districts in China by providing tools, resources and direct technical assistance to key decision makers in the municipalities and business owners in their districts.  The effort culminated in the identification of EE+RE opportunities to reduce overall energy usage by 31% on average (more than double the 12th 5-year plan goals) while introducing US-based vendors of products and services to these opportunities to meet the needs of energy users in 43 facilities.  This effort was hailed by participants in China and companies from the US as one of the most successful outcomes under the US-China Energy Cooperation Framework.