Fosterra is a professional services firm dedicated to driving sustainable practices worldwide. We have expertise in energy policy implementation, program management, project evaluation and strategic planning across public and private sector organizations in the US and China.

Our approach is to use resources effectively to ensure real-world results based on the latest best practices and highly focused effort to achieve results for our clients on time and on budget.

The Fosterra team forms collaborative partnerships to enable projects that improve our environment and economy, while building deep understanding within our client organizations. We take responsibility for helping our clients achieve market-leading results through innovation, dedication and commitment to excellence.

If you are a government agency trying to determine how to establish or achieve clean energy goals, we can help bring the latest best practices and vetted programs to your stakeholders and customize an approach that fits your needs and budget.

If you are a commercial enterprise that wants to demonstrate your environmental commitment but unsure how to make the economic value proposition, we have industry leading models and data to support the most efficient solutions and can connect you to qualified and cost-effective vendors.

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