Fosterra creates market-leading strategies, independently evaluates clean energy options, supports effective decision-making, and finds optimal solutions with a dedicated team that has a track record of success.


SP-Icon  Project Financial Modeling and Evaluation

These services include detailed, independent project level and full portfolio analysis based on actual performance drivers to provide accurate market assessments and financial projections.

Key success factors: using the latest market and project data; providing independent analysis to ensure credibility of findings; considering technical and financial trade-offs to develop solutions that reach organizational goals.


SP-Icon  Strategic and Operational Planning

These services include evaluation and development of strategies operational improvements through sustainable initiatives and positioning of clean energy programs with your customers and employees.

Key success factors: navigating the dynamic market for clean energy including technical advancements, financing innovation, high-growth business models and organizational churn within market verticals.


SP-Icon  Vendor Evaluation and Contract Negotiation

These services include identification and vetting of solution providers and technology vendors to ensure the best fit for your particular projects as well as hands-on support for contract negotiation of business terms to reduce project risks.

Key success factors: maintaining focus on finding solutions that work for all parties; staying connected to key market players and their offerings; leveraging successful approaches while considering innovation that addresses unique situations.


SP-Icon  Green Supply Chain Services

These services include analysis and support for improvement of clean energy utilization across your entire supply chain from product and service vendors to transportation and equipment providers looking at both national and international partners.

Key success factors: building awareness and support within the supply chain for taking action; tailoring offerings to the specific needs of each energy-consumer category including products, services, transportation, facilities, and employees; creating recognition opportunities for achieving published goals.