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A consulting company dedicated to clean energy worldwide

Fosterra is a professional services firm dedicated to driving sustainable practices worldwide. We have expertise in clean energy policy implementation, program management, project evaluation and strategic planning across public and private sector organizations in the US and China.

Our approach is to use our resources effectively to ensure real-world results based on the latest best practices and provide a highly focused effort to achieve results for clients, on time and on budget.

The Fosterra team forms collaborative partnerships to enable projects that improve our environment and economy, while building deep understanding and capabilities within our client organizations. We take responsibility for helping our clients achieve market-leading results through innovation, dedication and commitment to excellence.

If you are a government agency trying to determine how to establish or achieve clean energy goals, we can help bring the latest best practices and vetted programs to your stakeholders and customize an approach that fits your needs and budget.

If you are a commercial enterprise that wants to demonstrate your environmental commitment but unsure how to make the economic value proposition, we have industry leading models and data to support the most efficient solutions and can connect you to qualified and cost-effective vendors.

If you are a local utility considering innovative programs that can serve your customers and help balance your supply and demand forecasts, we have expertise and tools that will establish a baseline and well-designed plan for action.  

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"Dear Mr. Foster: The SunShot Initiative has made significant progress in its mission to catalyze and accelerate the development of transformational solar energy technologies, but its continued success depends upon the contributions of experts like you. By lending your time and talent, you have helped us accelerate solutions to our Nation’s energy challenges."

- Dr. Stephen Chu, Secretary, Department of Energy


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Green supply Chain management

We work closely with senior management, sustainability, and supply chain departments to establish realistic but aggressive goals and metrics for green energy usage by supply chain partners.  Our experts can also create outreach materials and implement the program, including hands-on assistance to suppliers to reach your goals.

Community Choice Programs

Fosterra's team provides experience and insight into the emerging community choice energy market to help local utilities create innovative clean energy deployment programs that are designed for maximum impact within constrained budgets.  The team can then support implementation and management of programs across the community or within targeted sectors.

Electric vehicle programs

Fosterra works closely with local utilities and municipalities to develop electric vehicle market trend analysis and forecasts for charging infrastructure needs.  We collaboratively design a program and implementation plan to reach the organization’s goals and can provide direct engagement and support when internal staff time is constrained.

Solar project management

Fosterra has extensive experience in more than 400 jurisdictions globally to provide detailed scenario modeling for clean energy projects, using real-world market insight.  We provide end-to-end project assessment and procurement management services including technical and vendor evaluations.  To ensure projects are successful, the team also provides construction planning and project commissioning services.