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Tailored to meet your organization’s goals

Fosterra’s Green Supply Chain Program

By implementing the GSC program, you can expect to:

  • Reach environmental goals faster.

  • Create new connections with your supply chain partners.

  • Achieve more with a constrained budget.

  • Celebrate success within your company and industry.

The Fosterra team takes a market-leading approach to driving change in the energy mix used by your suppliers that can dramatically reduce your scope 3 emissions, while increasing visibility for your efforts and progress. Our methods have been tested and honed to create impact within the first 12 months and sustain that impact over many years.

The major steps in the process are outlined below and then adapted and aligned to each organization's specific priorities, challenges, and goals.

We start by developing realistic but challenging goals in terms of expected impact based on number suppliers, facilities, and volume of purchases, then base green energy targets on low-risk, high-impact opportunities for energy transition.

Working together, we create program materials and an outreach strategy that fits within your brand and will generate a positive response from your suppliers. We leverage your existing relationships to create a pipeline of participating suppliers and their planned action, but with a light touch on your staff and resources.

The Fosterra team (including partners, as needed) will provide trusted, independent expertise to identify options and support recommended actions that suppliers would like to pursue. This may include a combination of on-site or off-site renewables, high quality RECs, energy efficiency measures, and even electric vehicle purchases.

Monthly tracking reports are provided for internal management review that includes progress toward goals, activity levels, and lessons learned. On a periodic basis, we provide opportunities to celebrate success internally and with suppliers to recognize their efforts to achieve green energy goals.

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More about the Green Supply Chain Program

What is GSC? Green Supply Chain services reduce emissions from your suppliers’ operations and increase deployment of renewable energy.

Why GSC? Because industry needs to move quickly and efficiently to reduce their environmental footprint and the GSC program is a powerful tool to accelerate progress.

How does it work? Together the Fosterra team and your internal stakeholders, we craft goals and a high-impact approach to engaging with your supply chain partners as a value-added activity. Your organization sponsors Fosterra’s team to support the initial effort with supply chain partners, then your suppliers take actions directly with follow-up and reporting.

How much time does this typically take? About 3 months to get launched, then 1-3 years to reach initial targets depending on goals and number of supply-chain partners.

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