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Fosterra Publishes EV Program Planning Guide for Local Utilities

-May 24, 2018-

Working with the EPA, Fosterra is pleased to release a recently completed Electric Vehicle Program Planning Guide (Guide) for for local utilities, including Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) entities and municipal utilities. Improving air quality is a core goal for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), state air agencies, and many regional stakeholders, including community and environmental organizations. The transition of transportation fuels to cleaner alternatives represents a major opportunity to accelerate improvements to local air quality. This Guide was created to provide a resource for forward-thinking community choice aggregation entities and municipal utilities who are considering options to increase the deployment of battery electric vehicles (EV) and electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EVSE).

The Guide describes a step-by-step process to assess EV market conditions, forecast demand for EV and EVSE, understand EV impacts to overall utility load, and evaluate the financial impact from EV program options. Potential sources for data are also included, along with a case study where this approach was tested with the Northern California community choice aggregation entity MCE Clean Energy. 

"This is a ready-to-use resource for local utilities that are considering how to adapt to the rapidly emerging electric vehicle market and craft programs that will help them plan for, and accelerate, EV growth in their territory" - Fosterra President, Ben Foster. 

Click here to download the EV Program Planning Guide and an sample implementation report for MCE Clean Energy. 




Ben Foster