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Green Supply Chain Programs Accelerating Low-Carbon Operations

-March 10, 2016-

Green Supply Chain programs are increasingly important for companies as they strive to reach Scope 3 emissions targets.  These typically focus on identifying supply chain-related energy usage and emissions, then setting goals for vendors, and helping them find ways to reduce their impact.  Best-in-class programs also establish robust yet easy-to-implement calculation methods and tracking to support supply chain partners in their efforts to take action.

Successful models are emerging and being deployed to capture wins in the short term while positioning organizations for further action in the future.  Some leading examples were explored during a session at the Climate Leadership Conference in Seattle titled “Cultivating Climate-Resilient and Low-Carbon Supply Chains”.  Mr. Foster, President of Fosterra, shared his experience working on an innovative program at Clif Bar & Company called the “50/50 by 2020 Program.”  This program is part of a much larger effort to improve Clif Bar’s impact on the planet through a variety of initiatives including renewable energy as part of their Five Aspirations.  Their specific target is to encourage supplier facilities to use at least 50% green power by 2020 and the program is showing rapid progress during its initial 18 months.

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Ben Foster